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Our Expert Guests
Speaking about being CAPTIVATING in life and love.
Charlotte Howard
Charlotte Howard | Creativity Lifestyle Coach
Lisa Shield
Lisa Shield | Emotionally Naked Dating & Relationship Coach
Rori Raye
Rori Raye | Relationship Coach Mentor
Speaking about being COURAGEOUS in life and love.
Dr. Christi Monk
Dr. Christi Monk | Leadership Coach
Jessica Valor
Jessica Valor | Mentor, Master Healer & Strategist 
Jaki Gruber
Jaki Gruber | Business Development & Brand Consultant
Speaking about being CLEAR in life and love.
Geoff Laughton
Geoff Laughton | Your Relationship Architect
Kim Seltzer
Kim Seltzer | Dating & Makeover Expert
Jen Paulson
Jen Poulson | Success Energy Coach
Speaking about being CONNECTED in life and love.
Abiola Abrams
Abiola Abrams | Spiritpreneur Coach
Dr. Randy Kamen
Dr. Randy Kamen | Coach
Keri Stanley
Keri Stanley | Spiritual Transformation Coach
Speaking about being CONFIDENT in life and love.
Jackie Kotei
Jackie Kotei | Coach
Stacii Jae Johnson
Stacii Jae Johnson | Dating and Relationship Expert
Tara Gates Anderson
Tara Gates Anderson | Brand Expert
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